Beat Depression With Clothes

The way you look effects the way you feel, act and behave and how others respond to you.

It is known that clothes have a psychological effect on you. When you are depressed, you do not want to put efforts into choosing the right outfit or dressing up well for the occasion. You more often than not, dress in casuals or in clothes that are easily accessible in your wardrobe

If you want to instantly lift your mood, try these simple ways

  • Wear clothes which are in a good state with a comfortable fit (not loose or wrinkled).
  • Dress-up to lift your mood
  • Use colors to instantly lift your mood and feel energetic.
  • Wear simple yet matching accessories
  • Put natural make-up to look fresh and feel good.

This article talks about how what we wear is related to how we feel. It also points out how women prefer to wear jeans when they are depressed or in a hurry.

How you manage your wardrobe and what item your wardrobe consists of is important. This will give you the flexibility and the variety needed to put together any outfit within no time and dress well to feel good.

After all, life is too short to be depressed!