Grooming for Job Interviews

The image you project during the interview creates the First Impression in the minds of the employers. This First Impression is formed within a few seconds of time. It is important for you to manage your image to create the desired First Impression which will increase the chances of you getting hired.

Grooming is a very important aspect of your overall appearance and what message you send out. It has an impact on how the employers see you and assess you with regards to your capability, credibility and suitability for the job.

You must ‘look the right for the job’ before you can ‘get the job’.

Grooming is as important as the clothes you wear. You may have worn appropriate clothes but how you groom has an impact on the image that you project. Do not neglect your personal hygiene and put up a neat and clean appearance for the interview. This will greatly enhance your chances of getting selected for the job; apart from you matching the job profile and fulfilling other criteria for selection.

There is an interesting article regarding how employers assess the character of the candidate based on his grooming.

It is important for women to appear for interviews with a natural looking make-up and not use too much perfume. A heavy make-up may give the impression that you are ‘putting up’ an appearance for the job or are trying too hard to impress.