At Kiwi we strongly believe that being a good partner has become a key corporate asset, whatever the duration and objectives of business alliances. We call it a company’s collaborative advantage. In the global economy, a well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations gives companies a significant competitive leg up.

For Kiwi an alliance has to benefit the partners, but these alliances have to be more than just the deal. They are living systems that evolve progressively in their possibilities. Beyond the immediate reasons they have for entering into a relationship, the connection offers the parties an option on the future, opening new doors and unforeseen opportunities. We feel that alliances are ultimately successful both partners only when they involve collaboration (creating new value together) rather than mere exchange (getting something back for what you put in). Kiwi believes in Partners who value the skills each brings to the alliance. They cannot be “controlled” by formal systems but require a dense web of interpersonal connections and internal infrastructures that enhance learning.