Your Personal Style Statement

One of the most versatile clothing pieces for women is a cardigan. A cardigan is a knit open-front shirt with or without buttons. It is a must-have in winters. How you can wear it is a matter of personal style and comfort.

We will show you few ways of wearing your very own style statement.

  • jackets

    You can wear it in place of the formal jackets to look more approachable. You can wear it in office or for outside meetings. It can be worn as a solid color or with eye-catching pattern.

  • winters

    Cardigans with a cowl neck or a belt can give you more comfort in winters and add warmth.

  • worn hood

    The Cardigan can be worn as a top, be wrapped around the shoulders or waist and also worn with a hood.

  • colorful

    A colorful cardigan will instantly lift your mood and at the same time layer up for the cold.

  • open neck

    Wear your cardigan open neck, or V-neck. You can wear a long sleeve or a short sleeve cardigan.

  • Michelle Obama’s

    Check out Michelle Obama’s more fun yet formal style with cardigan that she wears for her professional meetings. She is wearing a solid colored pencil skirt with a matching cardigan and a pearl necklace, accent colored top and pumps to match.

  • jacket looks superb

    It can be styled to suit your mood, occasion and weather. A long cardigan can be worn under a jacket and it looks superb. Here are some ideas you can use and wear the cardigan to create your unique personal style.

  • embroidered

    They can be simple or embroidered like the one worn by Penelope Cruz. She is wearing black cropped pants, satin pumps and black embroidered cardigan and looks distinctive.