The Power Of Appearance!

We are living in a world where we make decisions based on ‘mostly visual’ impression. The way you look determines the way you act and behave, what you say and how you say it. It, therefore, has an impact on how others perceive you and react to you.

I have seen in my professional career, that most ‘leaders’ have a pleasing, well-groomed appearance and more often than not, fall in the category of ‘good looking’. I have seldom seen a charismatic leader who lacks in this department. It is often an overall package of good looks, charisma, people skills, oratory skills, intelligence and ambition. These leaders are also well-dressed as they take care of their appearance and image and invest in it. Do your looks have an impact on your earning potential? I believe so. People having below-average looks have to put in extra efforts into their jobs to make an impression as compared to the good looking men.

There is an article which shows the statistics which highlights the impact of good looks on the earning of men. Women, surprisingly, do not have to face this bias. Read on

Looks Of An Achiever