Your Office, Your First Impression

It takes 3 to 5 seconds to create the First Impression and it lasts for a lifetime.

“You need to make the right first impression with your office, too. It is a part of your branding. If you have built your brand carefully, is it reflected in your office place as well?”

Your office is your window to the world. The world perceives you and your business in a certain way because of the way your office looks. People will make assumptions about your business and its success based on the condition of your office and the care you have taken to plan everything meticulously.

If you are entertaining customers and guests in your office regularly, you must create the right first impression with the looks of the office, layout, decor, color scheme, branding and above all cleanliness. Even your employees will feel special if they feel that you care enough to provide them with a clean, functional and creative office space.

Color is important and you must use it creatively in your office. It must match with the color of your brand or logo. It should give the same vibe to anyone who is visiting your office for the first time that is of your brand.

Keep lots of empty spaces which you can decorate later. A good color scheme is that of white interiors and background with colorful decorations, photo frames and other accents. You can experiment with colors later and if you are tired of looking at any objects or want to change the color, you can simply replace the old objects with the new ones in your preferred color scheme.

Employees should have enough space to maneuver in the office, and they should be comfortable in their sitting place. There should be fewer walls and partitions and more of an open atmosphere in the office which is conducive to free-form interactions and dialogue. I have seen that the office layout, interiors and the overall environment created have a definite effect on the happiness and productivity of the employees. It shows in their attitude and their behavior.

Clutter will totally diminish the positive energy in the office, so make space for everything, by planning in advance. Make sure you have thought of the storage space required, and where each item will go based on its utility and need. This way nothing will be left behind or out of place.

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Gauri Deshpande, President and Image Coach, Kiwi Consulting.

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